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Academic Achievements

Greenleaf was recently recognized with the School on the Rise Award, for the academic growth of our Middle School. We were 1 of 13 schools out of 126 schools in the district to receive this distinction!

Additionally, our rating on the SPF is the 3rd highest of all Middle Schools in the district!

What is the SPF?

  • The Oakland School Performance Framework (SPF) is a comprehensive, annual review of school performance, which is presented in the form of a report that includes multiple measures.
  • These measures assess how the school educates the Whole Child, compares performance to the prior year to show the Impact of our schools, and highlights priority student groups in order to strive for Equity, all with the goal of preparing students to be College, Career, and Community Ready.
  • It was created as a means to give the district, our schools, and the larger community the information they need to make critical decisions that will have the greatest impact on improving student achievement.
whole child

How to Read the SPF

  • There are two kinds of scores on the SPF: the scale score and the growth score.
  • Status is the score overall compared to the district.
  • The growth score is how our students have improved from the previous year.
  • Both are included to show a larger picture of growth.
  • The scores also take into account who is achieving, so that we can make sure our school is equitable in serving all students. Our scores are: 50% how ALL students are doing, and 50% how our lowest performing groups of students are doing.
Values of SPF
SPF Score INdicator